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Default Re: Asperger Syndrome

First, mom is a MD child psychiatrist that has been in practice for 27 years. I showed the OP to her. Her comments:

I agree with the doctor that is reluctant to put a diagnosis or label on every personality quirk. You are obviously extremely gifted with musical abilities & I hope you continue to nurture that. I believe that each of us, if we really look closely, have 1 or more of the behaviors listed on the autism spectrum of "disorders." In other words, we are all a bit weird in some aspect of our personality.

Regarding your personality questions, every child I have seen, that has exceptional abilities & precarious talents, is usually much more mature, psychologically, than their peers. This can make it difficult to understand, accept, & participate in some of the things their peers do. The same thing is true of kids with exceptional abilities in math, science, literature, etc.
Your anxiety may arise from the possibility that you simply can't identify with the same interests as your peers. Example: Someone that understands the musical & mathmatecal complexities of Mozart is unlikely to hear & appreciate current pop musicians the same way as their friends.

Please, try to stop worrying about your idiosyncrasies & find the things that you DO enjoy with your friends. Enjoy your gifts!

So sayeth mom. BTW, she has published several medical research papers about Autisn Spectum Disorder & the current "pop psychology" that has so many people inappropriately falling into that category

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