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Originally Posted by teencrazykid
I know-way too fucking fat.
Originally Posted by cosmos
way too fucking fat
it was only a quote, don't get your feelings hurt. painful honesty is kinda what you get here.

Most times it's not what you eat it's how much....I have trouble believing that all that's in your house is unhealthy stuff....there's gotta be SOMETHING that you can eat...and if it is like you say you're gonna have to cut your portions and exercise.
(btw you're parents are full of shit...healthy food doesn't have to be that high priced organic crap. Carrots...celery...fruit....salads...CHEAP! even those frozen meals are less than 1$ a peice and that limits your portion and is most always low in calories..I guarantee you're parents spend more on 1 bag of cookies then they would on several meals for you for a healthy start.)

Originally Posted by teencrazykid
Maybe an anorexic diet would work......
lemme tell you something about "anorexic diets".....your body thrives to stay healthy...even if your mind doesnt want it. So if you stop eating of course your mind is thinking...oh just ignore your stomache growling but your body is thinking..omg I'm starving..there's nothing...and so of course it starts eating itself...BUT...since your body thinks it's starving, EVERYTHING you DO eat stores as if you try that you're more likely to end up bigger than you start...maybe not right away, but I promise you you won't get the results you want.

I'm gonna tell you the same thing everyone told me....exercise and eat less.....period..

Originally Posted by from teencrazykid to dying-to-live
just a meal and snack is NOT okay! eat more! dont starve urself....
take your own advice dude

"An it harm none, do what ye will."
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