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Default My mom slapped me

I wanted to hang out with my friends on Saturday, but I didn't do my chores. My mom wouldn't let me go until I finished. As was blowing off steam while I was vacuuming by talking to myself, and I didn't mean for anyone to hear. I called my mom a "bitch" just in time for her to come around the corner and hear it. She slapped my face and gave me piece of her mind.

In the past my dad has hit me with a paddle on the butt, however my mom has never hit me as far as I remember.

I still feel like crying when I think about this. Even though I told my mom that I was sorry I still feel bad. I would never call her that to her face.

I'm not saying that I have been abused. If anyone ever deserved a slap, it was me. Even so, I feel bad about saying that to her, and it hurt my feelings to be slapped by my mom.
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