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Default Re: Feeling at war with yourself - my bipolar diary

For some time now I have been questioning online friendships.

I mean I have my one best online friend I know I can tell everthing and vice versa. Sure we not always agree 100% on everything but accepting other opinions and views is part of being good friends.

Some time ago I was hugely disappointed by some other people I thought I could be friends with. Not even remotely trying to understand why I could have a different opinion on things, well it saddened me but that's how it is. I just see it now as another lesson learned.

And today I was getting surprised receiving a message out of the blue. It was so nice and honest it really made my day. And it showed me that there are still some genuine people left here on this forums. People who are not just trolls, fakes or attention seekers.

It may sound totally silly but it made me insanely happy.
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