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In my opinion there is one type of love. The love that you love your friends and family. Why do you love them you may ask? Because they've always been there for you, been your friends and helped you through hard times in your life.

If you love someone you just met, it's merely physical attraction and the want for sex. However, after having sex, you subconciously start to associate this person with pleasure, so when you think of this person you feel happy. For example, I love Doritos, they're not really good for me, and sometimes they don't even taste good.. But if I find them in the house, I'll eat them regardless. Not the best example but still..

But yeah, I've put lots of thought into this thing we call love. I started to get confused about marriage and sexual companions... I mean, why can't I love a friend just as much as a sexual companion? If I can, then why do you get married to someone who you want to get sexual with? And if I can't, then this thing we call 'love' is only shallow physical gratification :\...

Confusing, I know.
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