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Question Anxious AND homesick.

Well, I just went on vacation. I arrived yesterday, came to see some family. But I feel like a wreck, honestly. Life here is different from home. I live in a pretty urban area, so it's always quite modern and routine. But here, it's full of forest and bugs all over the place, and a completely differnet language, too. It's almost of a rural fashion compared to home. Night-time is even scarier for me. I was so excited for this trip, but as it turns out, I'd rather be alone in my room with wi-fi instead of being in the pool. Being anywhere in the outdoors brings me immense anxiety to the point of crying in front of everyone. I'm panicking about everything. I want to enjoy this trip. I really do, but I really feel like I want to go back home to safety, too. I can't seem to find any other way to cope than to hide out in my room 24/7. Please help.

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