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Originally Posted by Rowan1011
Meh, if you're attracted to dudes and want to have sex with them you're gay :\.. I have best friends, I love them, but I'd never want to have sex with them because they're guys.. So when you think about it, sexuality like the name says, is all about sex..

It's not like if you're attracted to guys, but there's this girl that's real nice to you you're going to get with the girl just because she's nice to you.. If that was the case I'd of married my friends.
when i said love thats not what i meant.

storge- the love of things

eros- being in love

philos- the love between family and friends

agape- unconditional love

it may be greek or something like that, but it makes sense, yes? people love people in different ways. let me rephrase. sexuality IS about being in love but also about physical attraction. also there are too many 'decision' words floating around. yeah you can decide to experiment, but i dont think you make a decision about being gay or strait or bi. you kno what you are. live with it, dont fight it.

And the sun sets in the sky
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