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Originally Posted by Waffles17 View Post
Wierd I just tryed something the other day, Dont know why or even how it happend but I tryed masterbating on my knee's I know it sounds painfull but its ok on carpet

So anyway while I was masterbating on my knee's I got an orgasm [Dry one, Ive only cum'd once] ALOT faster then what I normally get....Is there some reason behind this? Or is it just me/my imagination?
I am thinking that you were just excited about trying out a new masturbation position which caused you to orgasm quicker than usual. Usually trying out something new causes a lot of excitement which is most likely the root of your concern.

As long as your masturbating position is not hurting or harming you in anyway, then I would say it is all right to experiment with several positions.

Keep in mind that since you have just started cumming that you are going to be pretty hit-or-miss when it comes to ejaculating for the next couple of months while your body builds up its ability to keep up with your demands.

Originally Posted by robo View Post
when i cum after masterbating this see through stuff comes out is that sperm or what is it
Chances are the stuff that is coming out of your urethra after you masturbate is left over semen still working its way out of your system. Usually urinating after you are done masturbating is a good way to flush out any residual semen in your urethra so that you don't have to worry about semen oozing out after the fact.

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