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Default Re: Do you talk to yourselves?

Originally Posted by lolaa View Post
i was contemplating on making a thread about this since mine is a bit abnormal compared to these replies .
i don't talk to myself to "organise my thoughts" or for "future conversations" , i legit imagine anyone i want to in my room and just talk , i would just predict their replies and talk back out loud and this could go on for hours and i'd just stop when i've realized the amount of time i just wasted .
i started doing this a few years ago and i noticed it stemmed from loneliness , i'd stop doing it when i'm busy with friends or i had someone i frequently talked to
now is this crazy?
Nope, not at all. It's a way to entertain yourself when you're alone and bored. And I do it too since I'm pretty lonely, but I don't do it if I'm with someone, like in your case.

Originally Posted by Peanut_ View Post
Oh yeah, that is totally crazy, lolaa. No just kidding of course. Well I make up whole conversations in my head. I imagine what I would answer someone in a certain situation or how I would explain things.
I never talk aloud when I am alone as I said above but I don't feel that saying things out aloud makes it more crazy.
I do the first part, even and mostly when I'm alone, because - as I explained in the OP - it would be very embarrassing.

Originally Posted by Peanut_ View Post
People just deal differently with being on their own and a lot of people said how they talk to themselves, so nothing wrong I guess as long as you don't "hear voices" or anything.
Exactly, it's completely normal.

Originally Posted by KatieCO2003 View Post
All the time. Every day.
me irl

Originally Posted by maddogmj77 View Post
Completely normal. I talk to myself a lot, probably because I don't have anyone else to talk to. I usually do it in order to dissect a topic that I'm thinking about (usually politics). Plus, it helps me keep track of my thoughts a lot easier, which I have a hard time with.
Originally Posted by Yugen View Post
Just in my head. I think it's like an extension of thinking.
It indeed is an extension of thought, I linked an article in my previous reply that talked about it, we start doing that in childhood.

I'll see you, in the not-too-distant future.
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