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Default Re: Do you talk to yourselves?

Originally Posted by lolaa View Post
i was contemplating on making a thread about this since mine is a bit abnormal compared to these replies .
i don't talk to myself to "organise my thoughts" or for "future conversations" , i legit imagine anyone i want to in my room and just talk , i would just predict their replies and talk back out loud and this could go on for hours and i'd just stop when i've realized the amount of time i just wasted .
i started doing this a few years ago and i noticed it stemmed from loneliness , i'd stop doing it when i'm busy with friends or i had someone i frequently talked to
now is this crazy?
Oh yeah, that is totally crazy, lolaa. No just kidding of course. Well I make up whole conversations in my head. I imagine what I would answer someone in a certain situation or how I would explain things.
I never talk aloud when I am alone as I said above but I don't feel that saying things out aloud makes it more crazy.
People just deal differently with being on their own and a lot of people said how they talk to themselves, so nothing wrong I guess as long as you don't "hear voices" or anything.
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