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Default Re: Am I being abused by my girlfriend?

Originally Posted by Uniquemind View Post
I'm going to differ from everybody's sugar-coated answers here and say that "yes", it was an instance of physical abuse.

Do I think it's to the point of a breakup? No. But it's definitely a moment of "we need to talk, these bruises from that argument we had crosses a line".

Here's why I say that, if the shoe were on the other foot, and you left a bruise on her, legally she could claim abuse.

Why everybody else here is forgetting that this part of feminism' equality is beyond me, but it is, especially if physical altercations from her to you become a pattern and you end up bruised or emotionally abused.
Wasn't trying to sugar coat it, I'm on board with you. Abuse comes in many forms, and is/is not gender specific.

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