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Originally Posted by ClovesXIII View Post
Do not punish yourself for being human. You think you're a pest, and maybe that is the case. But no one has yet to say anything, which means you are cared for and not only a drain of resources.

If I could, I would look you straight in your face and tell you that you are not alone. I feel like a complete fuck up with no real journey but you know, I am faking it until I make it. And as a person who struggle with general anxiety disorder I can tell you that it will get better or you will find someone who cares for you so much, that they push you to higher levels of being the better you, that is clearly there.

Originally Posted by Mark Hopkins View Post
Maybe you are. However, at least you are not doing anything harmful to the society like the terrorist attack recently. I bet those people don't even feel sorry for the victims. Don't punish yourself. Try making changes and try helping your family out. It is not about being successful to help them. It is all about the trying.
I guess..

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