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Default Re: Asperger Syndrome

Originally Posted by Uniquemind View Post
That's not to say autistic people are without empathy, I just think their empathy is triggered in different ways of understanding others than is what is considered the normal method of empathy.
Exactly. I've found my way of empathizing with people is more logical than most people's, but sometimes I get too empathetic, am overwhelmed by it, even with fictional characters, and my reaction seems like I'm not empathizing at all, because I don't know how to express it.

That isn't exclusive to me, as more people on the spectrum have also reported. There are some studies that conclude that we have "too much" empathy.

Originally Posted by Uniquemind View Post
How is your ability to take perspective of other's point of view on an empathetic level?
I might add that empathy isn't the only thing to consider about ASD, social skills, communication and non-verbal language skills, sensory processing issues, obsessive interests, and even motor movement problems are things characteristic in autism.

I'll see you, in the not-too-distant future.
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