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Default Re: Self Harm Calendar

Originally Posted by electric7rocker View Post
so were doing a project in art class that requires an exacto knife
and my dad decided it would be good if i worked on it at home too
so he went and pulled out every blade and razor he could find
theyre out on the table
ive been pretty good about resisting lately
but the colder days are coming and long sleeves are a natural.....

and addison
we all believe in you just keep trying
The fact that you can resist with such a monster temptation, is tremendous. There is no doubt in the whole world that you will never cut again, keep going; resist the long sleeves, soon your arms will heal, and be proud, show the world that YOU HAVE BEATEN ONE OF THE MOST PAINFUL ADDICTIONS. From here, the road only gets smoother So proud of you, as is everyone here.

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