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Spike is... My sisters pitbull. My sister isn't home, nore is her dad (step sister) my mom and i are the only ones here. Okay. So spike is old.. And having issues. We don't think we will have him long... He lost control of his bowls tonight and.. And my mother lost it. Then she has me get her stuff to clean it while she drags him outside and ties him to a tree despite a storm coming. And comes back in saying she "kicked his ass" and I only seen the end of it... Im watching and waiting for him to finish and she's flipping out saying... Horrible things... I had enough and i yelled out he cant help it hes old. This starts an argument and she goes in my room and smeares the diorea on my bed and then on me telling me if he can't help it I should have no problem cleaning it up. I just got him safe in the kinnal after being hit with used tolet paper with her screaming "don't fucking do that ever again" (she clames she was aiming at the spike but that doesn't help) then I was told of i "disrespected" her again she would make me eat it...

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