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Default My friend sexually abused by his father

So I've known [Chris] for 3 years now. He's 13 years old now and he's like one month older than me. I was 10 when I met him. After several months, he started talking to me about his father. He told me that everytime his father was mad at him, he would start screaming and breaking things in the house. Then he would tell him "Go to my bedroom I'm gonna teach you a lesson you'll never forget". He tells him to take his clothes and underwear off, he ties his hands and legs and then... He rapes him. Chris described it to me as "The worse feeling you could ever imagine". He starts to slap him and really really hurts him. Then when he's done, he locks the bedroom door and leaves him alone crying and screaming for hours. His mom died when was 3 years old.

I asked him why he won't tell the police about that. He told me "I just can't. I'm afraid of my dad. I can't talk to anybody about this so please keep it a secret."

I don't know when this started to happen but I think he was between 6 and 8 years old. I want to help him and I feel really sad for him. He's such a good friend and he's done many things for me. I don't want to do anything without him knowing so please if someone knows how to solve his problem reply quickly.

Thank you for your help
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