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Originally Posted by carlitos View Post
but how comes in some places cousins end up marrying each other and it is not considered bad?
The question you ask is a hard one as different cultures have different standards when it comes to sexual relations with cousins. However, in light of the advancements made with genetics sexual relations has been proven to be very harmful to potential offspring the closer the relationship between the two mates are related.

Beyond the whole issue as to why dating a cousin is right or wrong you still have to deal with the reality of how your family will react if you and your cousin were caught doing sexual thing with one another. There is also the big issue of having a stigma attached to both you and your cousin if word gets out that you two have been sexual with one another. Whether such a negative reaction is a topic for another thread, but my advice is for the sake of peace in your family you should avoid any sexual contact with your cousin. It is very difficult to control sexual feelings especially if you are in the heat of the moment, and it would be terribly awkward to explain to your family if your sexual contact with your cousin resulted in her getting pregnant or if a STD was transmitted between the two of you.
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