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Default Re: Standing up for someone


What @Peanut_ is saying is real. The states is different than other countries regarding violence in many ways. We've both been through and seen more violence most kids our age would see in a lifetime. Seems to follow me all my life. Even when I'm not looking for it, find myself in the middle of it in every way you can imagine. And it sucks. In this past year I've know 3 kids my age murdered. One other adult was stabbed outside Ina bar in a fight near my home. Over nothing. He died to. One of those kids was shot dead in his own home at his HS greaduation party when he opened the door to allow some assumed party guests in. None makes any sense at all. It only wastes lives

IMO you need to find a way to avoid that best you can. Stand your ground, and do your best to stay outa the mix. Sometimes that's impossible. I know that for fact. But being known as a hot head isn't gunna help any of that. You need to get that under control. And it's not about a short fuse or impulsivity. It's about anger. Anger I'm pretty sue me @Peanut_ and yourself knows about.

So take a look around bro. At 14, you can see others doing this shit, and see where there going in life. Me and @Peanut_ can paint some good images of what your life will be like for you at your age and ours if you don't steer clear of that bullshit. It's not fun, no picnic, no place you wana ever go or visit

Just avoid it bets you can. Talk to someone about what's going in inside your head. Channel that anger into a positive direction. That's shit you need to do now before you make a really bad choice bro

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