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Post I Was Diagnosed With Bipolar

I always knew I had depressive episodes but it was hard to catch on to the mania for me, even though everyone else saw it.

I took Prozac without any major problems for a year but it never really improved my mood so I talked to a walk in clinic doctor and switched to Effexor. The Effexor caused crazy mania, and I ended up penniless and in the psychiatric emergency room after not sleeping for three days. They took me off of the Effexor, diagnosed me with bipolar, and sent me on my way with a prescription for Seroquel, Abilify, and Ativan.

I then had an intake assessment with a local mental health program and bipolar was confirmed. I started seeing a psychiatrist and counselor, but having to move I lost these supports and am currently fighting for more.

It's scary knowing that this disease is a big part of my life and medication will be a part of it as well. I can't even imagine not feeling this way, and I really would like to just feel better.

I have seen a family doctor multiple times since moving and my medications were changed to Abilify and Zoloft. I'm still in nowhere land with seeing a psychiatrist, but I have referrals in and I'll be moving within range of one in a month.

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