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Default never thought it would get this bad..

i got suspended yesterday big whoop...
for drinking alchohol on school property...
i have to go to court and juvy ... and pay a fine and a rehab class..
fuck..thats not even the bad part..
i mean sure its not good to get in that much trouble..
the part thats getting at me is my girlfriend she is soo pissed ..
i feel soo bad. i mean she doesnt trust me anymore she doesnt think i love her...
im going insane...
(Well i already was , just more so )
i cant stop crying , knowing shes thinking about what i did
she used to call me perfect
she used to call me her baby ...

... now shes saying i WAS suppposed to be perfect..
that evertthing is ending up like her ex...
and i cant hurt myself beacuse i promiced her i wouldnt do that either...
ive thrown up already theres another promice down the drain
i am the worst person to ever walk this earth..
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