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Im a waste... I having nothing to offer. Im incapable of anything productive. I just leach, im giving stuff and I never have anything to give back in return. I can't do anything and when i do i mess it up every time. I brake everything I touch. I ruin every friendship and relationship i have. Im of no value to society, I flunked because I didn't do anything this year. My body is always braking down. My family has list alit of income and i not helping, all i am is a financial drain. I deserve this. All my future holds is beginning for food by a store front. Im pathetic. I have honestly been considering to relieve the world of my experience judt so I have to face the world doing it to me its self, becides my family could sell my things and natural burials are cheep so if i was to I wouldn't be that major of a drain on the family. One final take and then they would be more financials stable. Not only is it one less mouth to feed, its the useless mouth that takes and does nothing thats gone.

I feel I deserve to punish my self for existing....

Fallow the raven to find the wolf
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