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Default Eyes are windows

Have you ever been the passenger of a car and just stared at out the window? Watching the other cars, trees and building just go by? You know how if you do it long enough it feels like they are the ones moving and you're completely stationary, and how looking at the window you can focus on the glass and disconnect form the world outside the car.. But you're still not paying attention to what's going on in the car? Replace the car with your body... And the windows with your eyes. I can look off and focus on nothing.. Like im looking at the lens of my eye orů just staring off but its like a discount from my body. Like how you're inside the car but not part of it.. Im inside my body.. But it doesn't feel like it. Its like im looking out someone elses eyes like im not me, or i am me but my eyes are windows. Im not the only one with this random disconnection am i?

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