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othelo, rowan, austin.

nick is a great guy. i know othelo and rowan have never talked to him and therefore cant possibly judge him. you get angry at him for supporting the country that he lives in? who are you to say hes misguided or blind? it doesnt matter. what matters is that hes carrying out his duties as a citizen by securing the sactity of the land, that sanctity you people wish to destroy.

i honestly dont understand why the words "under god" come of so much offense. i dont believe in god, but i believe in the pledge. i believe in EVERY single word of the pledge and ANYONE who thinks otherwise needs to reevaluate their position. its not so much what the words say, its what the pledge means at heart. the pledge is an oath to love and carry out the duties of ones country, and everyone should embrace it. it doesnt matter if your christian, jew, muslim, atheist or god hater. it doesnt matter.

what matters is that you stand up and show respect for your country by reciting a poem that was designated for just that. if you dont believe in god, theres nothing wrong with that. nothing wrong about that at all. if you dont want to utter two words in class, you dont have to. i understand that, i respect that, i support that. it doesnt offend me in the least. what does offend me though is when people think they have the right to sue the state of california over something that nooone has a problem with.

so many people embrace the pledge of allegience it's not fair for 1 man to take it away from 35 million people. its not fair and its not right. the word God should take no offense to you even if you dont believe in it. do you get offended when someone gives a date in B.C? what about if i said 500 A.D. does that piss you off? it shouldnt. i hate when people try to come up with bullshit like 500 b.c.e. (before common era) and 500 a.c.e. (after common era) so that they dont have to acknowledge christ.

let me ask you, what event in history designates the common era? jesus. dont believe in him? too bad, thats how the calender was created. thats how the standards have been for thousands of years, and changing it because of religious reasons is just utter bull. thats how the calender was invented, and thats how it will and should stay. the pledge of allegiance was written with the words "under god", and thats how it will and should stay. our beautiful currency also exemplifies the strong religious fervor that existed in 18th century colonial america.

if you dont believe in god, are you going to boycott money? of course not. are you going to boycott the calender that has been in use for thousands of years? of course not. so why the hell should you boycott the pledge of allegience? it makes people happy. when ever i say it i feel proud. whenever i sing the national anthem i feel proud. in canada they sing the anthem every day. theres a reference of god. does anyone care? no because it doesnt matter.

how can reading the Pledge of fucking Allegience be UNCONSTITUTIONAL????? it was written at like the same time!!! people think they can just get whatever they want with incessant bitching. well you what, its not right to reverse the wheels of history to prevent OTHER people from saying something that YOU object to.

in recap. be nice to nick. respect my country.
god bless
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