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Default Standing up for someone

I really dont know if I did right thing back then or not.
This happened last fall at school. There is this Jewish kid who is kinda small and year younger than I am . I don't even know him well. He gets picked on quite often for being a Jew. Mainly muslim kids like to torture him. While teachers naturally never do anything to it one day I had had enough. I have been bullies and called nasty names like kuffar and shitface and what ever insults there are by some of those same subhuman parasites.

It was early fall and I had plan to go to fishing after school so I had telescope fishing rod and fillet knife with me and my backpack. I saw them pushing this kid around and slapping him.
Something snapped in my head i took my backback and took fillet-knife and sneaked behind and next phase I was holding one bully and knife on his throat I said "Stop now" in loud voice. And for some odd reason they did stop. Jew boy his name is Akiva by the way was staring at me. Pretty much everyone was staring at me. I then used hmm pommel i think thats right term. Pommel of that knife of mine to smash that one assholes face 2 or 3 times. No one tried to do anything.
I grabbed Akiva from shoulder and said come with me now.
Akiva came we left school and went to my home. I made coffee and he was shaking I was shaking and he called to his mom who wasnt home yet. His mom would pick him from our place in 4 hours. I took him to my room which is upstairs and loaded shotgun just in case.
I called my bro I knew mom was at work and calling to her doesnt work because of her job.

Anyway bro came home and wasnt happy. I can see it from his face. We treated this kid well we gave soda and food and we did play with cards and watched tv until his mom picked him up.
After that point I just looked sheepisly my brothers face and well I had to take shitstorm.

He was angry cause I endangered myself and cause I pulled knife out. He also had received call from school about what happened. He did stand for me against teachers and principal. Anyway I was protecting someone else.
I bet that only saved my ass from serious belt beating that time.

Have any of you ever done something similar or do you have any opinions about all that what i did. I still dont know if I did right or wrong. I at least got one friend
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