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Originally Posted by Jimafu
Originally Posted by kevin
Originally Posted by Jimafu
Originally Posted by knight4thedark
how does he have the same IP as me? why would i insult gays if i am gay? that would be inhumane
It's quite obvious really. You create a new name, pretend to be gay, so that a lot of people keep checking back, then use your spamming name to crack the news that you are actually a racist, sexist, bastard. We can also tell by your exaggerated signature, and the fact that your story is highly unlikely to actually happen. I mean, what are the chances that you get a gay guy just by chance? 1:20? I think it's somewhere around there.
What's your problem? Does something intriuge you about starting a fight that happened when the database was corrupt in May/June. Maybe you don't get it, but the Ip is logged in the database.
I'm not trying to start any fights. knight4thedark asked how he had the same IP adress as a spammer. I stated one possible way. If you want to point fingers at anyone, then CamXV is your man.
Yet, I'm not going to becuase that was in may and is most likely dealt with, plus CamXV can't see IP adresses, I don't know what he's looking at because mods can't last time I checked.
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