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Default Re: More fun off meds

Originally Posted by jdhud024 View Post
I don't like not being on my medicine.

When I go a day without taking my Adderall, I feel almost depressed. Like, I feel like a lonely, lazy, no energy slob. I know I'm not, but I still feel that way.

When I'm on it, I feel fine, not depressed at all, I can focus on anything and I'll actually do things instead of wanting to do nothing. But when I'm on it I have no emotions, or at least don't show any. I'll be in a good mood and look like I want to kill someone or myself. I'll be in a shitty mood and still look the same way.

When I'm not on it, I'm an asshole and piss people off easily, usually without trying/ realizing it, but I actually show more emotions.

When I'm on it, I'm easy to get along with, not an asshole (I actually think about what I say before speaking), but I show less emotions.

Whether I'm on it or not, I'm still a moody bitch internally, but I just don't appear to be one on the outside.

I can't win.

I'm used to it though, I just try to take my meds everyday if possible. I like being on it because I'll actually be productive with my life. I wasn't on it yesterday, and I felt like a lonely POS with no friends, even though I know I'm not. My depression is way harder to control when I'm not on my meds. Don't know why, but my meds function as both an ADHD med and an antidepressant.

I also talk more when on my medicine though, if you couldn't tell.

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