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Well Joe let Joseph call me today..he told me that the only thing he could talk about was what they wanted him to talk about which I'm not gonna go in to cus I can't talk about it now.
But he just kept whispering I love you and we're okay and just kept reassuring me and saying I love you so so much and I can't stop thinking about you I will wait forever for you so that made me feel sooo much better.
I don't know when I will talk to him again...I asked him....cus I talked to his mom last night and she said that he told her he wasnt coming and to not bother coming saturday
Well I asked him and he said he had to do that cus if she came she could be arrested for like up to 2 years or something cus if the parent without custody does anything to persuade the child to come to them while the other parent has custody thats against the law (well she didn't do that this time but she's done it before so the judge isn't likely to believe her., lawyers can twist shit) so he was just protecting her by telling her not to come but I can't tell her that cus he asked me not to talk to her anymore (and I think he did that because ..well I was talkin to her the other day and then come to find out stuff I had said about deanna or just like commented on that deanna had said about her she told joe ..shes like well deanna doesnt need to be saying I brainwash him and joe is like..who told you that? and shes like..well I can't say...well of course the only people there are to say that is me and joseph sooo they know it was me..and all I did really was..she was saying deanna brainwashed her kids and I was like..well deanna said the same about you or something..just convorsation I didn't think anything of it..point being though she will relay stuff back to joe and it will get back to them and they'll know and so yeah..he just doesnt want me talking to her anymore which I don't blame him if she can't keep her mouth shut) anyway so at the begining of the convo he was whispering real soft and hes like..dont tell anyone not even mom and he stopped..and I was like..uhm..what? and he goes I can't I can't say I can't say and I was like ..uhm okay...and then later I was like well what happens what you're 18 and he goes..plans are still not tell ANYONE (of course he was whispering this) and at the end of the convo he was like..*sad*...I have to go cus there's nothing else they wanna know..but...I love you baby...I said I love you too sweetie *sad* he's like....I love you so soo much and I said I love you with all my heart baby, you know that and I will wait forever for you you're on my mind constantly. and he's like..well you're all I ever think about baby and I will wait for you forever too I love you soo much..I love you too baby...bye my love...bye honey...

ooh...(I would go back in and put this in but I just remembered lol) he kept stressing that he wanted everything worked out and I was like..can I ask why? and he said..because they took my phone and its like they ripped a peice of my heart out...not being able to talk to you every day just kills me....I almost cried..noone is ever that sweet to me...bah..I love him sooo much

I started a journal thing today..just counting down days till his birthday...recording my feelings so I can look back when/if things get better and it could be like yeah...I'm writing it to him..makes me feel closer for some reason

"An it harm none, do what ye will."
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