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Default Trying to control my Bulimia

I wanted to just let everyone know a little back story first before I move onto the actual topic of my post, around 2 years ago I was bulimic I was afraid to eat and weighed 52 kg and dropped to 42kg I was overweight but I just stopped eating and was even afraid to drink water.

After a while I had a grow spurt and then started eating all the time to around 69kg at 5ft 7 and 1/2 and that was overweight last year a lot of my friends would get mad at me for what I ate in a day when I started loosing weight. I would not eat until 1pm and have a small salad then wait until 5pm and had toast and hardly any water which was very unhealthy.

I am now 57kg with a BMI of around 18-19 which is now healthy I try to have a steady diet but I cheat sometimes then starve and I don't know any methods to control myself and maintain a healthy diet!

And sorry this was hard to say my actual weight considering how conscious I am about it. I can't even share my weight with doctors but I know that on the forums here I should get 100% support with my situation hopefully!

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