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Question Asperger Syndrome

Recently I was reading up about a pianist and realised he had many of the same or similar traits that I have. I then discovered he had Asperger syndrome. After reading about the condition I have come to realise that, on a mild level, I experience many of the traits associated with it.

I am passionate about music, I have my grade 8 piano, which I received 18 months after my grade 3. Grade 8 cello after 18 months too. I'm doing additional maths right now and will be doing further maths next year. I have reactions to senses and memories - sort of high level cringing - I end up twitching because of it. I have 3 friends, I am friendly with many many more people but I would do anything for those 3 people; they are part of me. I hug them all day long. I am described as the most awkward person ever and I get depressed or over think the smallest things. I also hate when people cancel on me.

Yet, aren't all of these things, to a certain extent, in everybody??

I also have no problem with reading, literally the opposite of monotone and I have no balance or coordination issues, which negate Aspergers.

Why am I like this?

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