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Originally Posted by TheWizard
How about we change the "In God We Trust" to "In Satan We Trust"

Get the point.
No I don't

Originally Posted by Tim
It shouldn't be there, What about the religions that don't worship god? Its lies for them. Lies which probably offend them. I side with Jazbo, Austin and Rowan here
This band logo shows my beliefs quiet well.
Why should we cater to the 5 people that want it out, when 280 million are probably religious, or aren't and don't care about it. We shouldn't. If the guy , or the kid doesnt want to say the pledge with the words "Under god" then they can leave.

Are we forgeting about the rights of the people that want it in there? Sure the atheists still get their rights, but do 280 million peoples rights no count? It is also their right to say it, as it also is not the atheits rights not to say it. If the majority want to say it they can leave.

And if this does stay, does that mean we have to take out "god" from our paper money and coins because they dont want to look at it when they pay for bread? Pft, no.
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