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Default morning sun/ ...

Your love is as bright as the morning sun.
It shines down on my face, your definantly a mysterious one.
Your freckled face, those roses cheeks.
The tender loving caring you could give,
the tender loving care you never did.
Im still sitting here waitng for that special day to come.
Waiting on my front door step,
Waitng for you to realise your fears and run to me.



Shadows dancing around my room with there mocking glares and thier paranoid stares.
Galloping on thier shiny silver horses.
Dominating the western regions,
Fighting with thier golden swords and leather bow and arrows.
They prance simultaneously through the redwood forest and amongest the bittersweet, rolling hills.
Slowly faded away into the dark night.
They disentegrate into the horizon.
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