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Originally Posted by Yasmine View Post
my mom said theres cartlige in it. she's a registered nurse. it's not necessarily an erection that i'm talking about. it just gets thickened a little, but it's still limp.

Yasmine, there's no cartilege in the penis. Cartilege is a mostly solid tissue that can bend a bit, it has limited flexibility, yet it is also somewhat solid. The last half of your nose is cartliege, your ears are made of cartilege. If your penis was, it would mostly stiff all the time!

If your mom actually said this, then she is, in fact, mistaken. Everyone makes mistakes, regardless of their training or profession. However, what this particular mistake would indicate is that she might also be mistaken about your penis and it's foreskin status and if you were circumcised or not.

The foreskin is like a sleeve, if you can pull it forward to cover the head and it stays there on it's own, you're not circumcised.
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