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No cosmos, I do not, for one second believe that I am smarter then the founding fathers. I'm sorry that I made it sound that way. I myself shouldn't revise the constitution, I think the american people should, together. But the united states is not the richest, or most sucsessful in the world.

Luxembourg has the richest people, and the united states, is rank 101 in the fastest growing economys. The united states does have the largest gross domestic product, but Luxembourg has more gdp per person. And the EU comes in a VERY close second to the united states. The united states imports more then any other nation, about a trillion dollars a year on imports. when the EU and Germany export trillions of dollars a year, the united states only around 700 billion dollars. that means we are slowly losing money. And the united states has the biggest external debt then any other country. besides the UK. The us also has a 5.50 percent unemployment rate. 47 other countries have a lower one. And our Current account balance is lower then any other country in the world. But though our economy is not the gratest, we still find time to spend over 300 billion dollars a year on our millitary. thats 3 percent of our funds in the millitary.

But oil production, rank four, oil consumption rank one. natural gas protuction, rank 15, natural gas consumption, rank one. as well, 65 percent of our popultation, is in dept. and we have a 6.5 percent infent mortallity rate, that means our children would be safer born in Singapore or Taiwan

and did you know that 950000 Known people are lining with aids in the us.

But you know what, Those are just numbers. that could, one day change. for better or for worse. mabye america doesnt need a new constitution, mabye we just need a reavoultation of our government body, which, in turn, would alter the constituiton. but the bill of rights, they are good, but couldnt they be better, or maybe some of the laws, and rights chould be changed. some things that could only better us. like the fact that people can sue for charges amounting mearly 20 dollars. mabye it should be moved up. and maybe we should create a popular vote, instead of electoral college. and maybe we could reorange our legislation, to better suite the needs of modern america. perhaps we should extend our forgin policy and reach out to other countries, lending a helping hand, not just thinking about america but the whole world. The EU has great sucess, why not america create a union like that in north america, were the countries to the south stuggle to survive. and perhaps america should crack down on our congress, rewriting the constitution, to simplify our growing numbers of departments and legislative branches.

To change would only be for the better. we need to stop standing by many hundred year old way's of running things.

""The New Law of Righteousness," that there "shall be no buying or selling, no fairs nor markets, but the whole earth shall be a common treasury for every man," and "there shall be none Lord over others, but every one shall be a Lord of himself.""
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