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someones PMSing. ha......haha.........ha....=\

You, you and your pride.....your filthy pride. You think america is god. you think that its a perfect littly happy land. you think that other countries are dirt. you are why people hate america. your ignorant pride.

for one the irs and the fda are departments in the american government, departments made possible by your ideal constitution, and for seconds, My beef isnt just with the constitution, its with the american government as well. they have you head so full of bull shit you cant even speak without crap running out of your mouth.

You don't look at america from an outsiders perspective. Why do you think everyone hates the us, its a bunch of arrogent pricks who think their country is better then all others. The constitution is coveted my ass. you were lead to believe it was.

George W. Bush, respect, that's all I have for the man you raped our peoples rights and sent poor farm kids to parish in a war they thought was for the greater good. How wrong they were, but they will never know they were wrong. Only their mothers are left to weep at a grave containing a few medels and a burnt heap of flesh. You say they died for honer. What honer was that.

Do we really know that suddam hussian was as evil as we said he was. According to his very own peopole, he wasn't. He was a good leader. But would america want you to know that he wasent all that bad. no, would we have allowed prez. bush to invade a country and kill hundreds of thousands if we knew he was doing it to gain oil phrofets.

Mabye if we had know his oil company was huge in kuwait and sudai arabia we would have reiolized that afghanistan, iraq, kuwait, arabia, they are the top oil producing countries in the world. and did you know that the araibian oil companies so in tuch with george bush, built a massive pipe line, pumping oil from afghanistan and iraq into refineries owned by none other then the bush family and there suadi friends.

But trucking back onto the main subject. No I don't support a government so confusing, so massive, so currupted that people don't even know what its doing. No I dont support a constitution that puts all of the power into branches I have no controll over. Is my represinitive even listing to the public. I never really hear about him untill electiion date's come up. I think a new, slimplified government should be adopted by the us, and I think the constitution should be tossed out and a new document created, a stronger document that really hits. I don't think the goverment should tell me I HAVE to ware a seat belt, or am NOT ALLOWED to marry another male, or am FORBIDDEN to abort a 16 cell morula, or am NOT ABLE to reasearch stem cell regeneration from the aborted 16 cell morula.

"the purpose of government is to protect freedoms through the preservation of internal order, the provision of national defense, and the administration of justice"

Bob Bauman

They have no right to interfear with the economy. But if I were to have a company that did so well that its whiped all other companies away, I'm charged with a monopoly. And if I charge my prices up higher, haveing no compitition, then I'm charged with price gauldging. But in our "ideal constitution" are we not permitted to set prices at whatever we damn well please.

-- Parliament of Whores The U.S. government is a sort of permanent frat pledge to every special interest in the nation - willing to undertake any task no matter how absurd or useless.

-- Parliament of Whores It is remarkable, on close inspection, what a lousy way to get things done democracy is. Not that democracy necessarily makes the wrong decisions. Private enterprise can do this with equal or greater ease. But in a democracy the decision-making process must be listened to. The great thing about the invisible hand of the market is not that it's invisible but that it's silent.

What wonderful quotes, don't you agree. and by some of the greatest minds of out time!

I have a question. What do the people on this site, not from the us, think about the us!

""The New Law of Righteousness," that there "shall be no buying or selling, no fairs nor markets, but the whole earth shall be a common treasury for every man," and "there shall be none Lord over others, but every one shall be a Lord of himself.""
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