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I hope things work out alright for you

You said the girl you like, likes getting notes right?

Well, maybe, if you were to decide to go ahead and ask her out sometime in the future...once you had thought everything through of course ....

....maybe you could give her a note with something like just a time and a place you want to meet her.... so you can ask her out to her face ...keep the note short, the more brief you keep it, the more she will be intrigued and the more she'll wonder could either slip the note into her folder so she sees it when she gets into her class or you could just hand her the note before she goes into her class and tell her to open it when she sits down...

...then you just have to meet her at wherever you choose, even if it is just beside her locker.... and ask her

Just an idea cos sometimes its difficult to try and find the right time to actually ask someone, and that makes a point of giving you and her the chance.... ...and of course, she'll be dying to find out what the note means

However, like i said, its only if you decide that you actually want to take things further...make sure you think things through...

Goodluck with everything

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