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Originally Posted by Jimafu
Originally Posted by knight4thedark
how does he have the same IP as me? why would i insult gays if i am gay? that would be inhumane
It's quite obvious really. You create a new name, pretend to be gay, so that a lot of people keep checking back, then use your spamming name to crack the news that you are actually a racist, sexist, bastard. We can also tell by your exaggerated signature, and the fact that your story is highly unlikely to actually happen. I mean, what are the chances that you get a gay guy just by chance? 1:20? I think it's somewhere around there.
What's your problem? Does something intriuge you about starting a fight that happened when the database was corrupt in May/June. Maybe you don't get it, but the Ip is logged in the database.
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