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Originally Posted by .[..Secret Dread..
Originally Posted by Jazbo
I really could care less, because I don't pledge my alleginance to this country at all. I am not very nationalistic and refuse to do the pledge at school so bah. Let them leave it in, let them take it out... doesn't much matter.
I like this guy!
I think it should be removed. "God" is NOT really universal. That is like making americans say "one nation under buddha." Its the same thing! Really? not really. sure it started out that way. but religions are trying to get away from being united by this "God". Religions are NOT the same at all. It should be removed. Anyways, I have no respect for this shit hole society! we are foolish,disgusting, and un-informed. America should be more like europe. Our education sucks and we need more science in america. All you people came from monkies! notice your dick looks like a monkies dick! monkies can get diseases from humans..and *shock* global warming is caused by pollution (that george bush could really care less about!) George bush has 7 DUIs! and was a cocaine addict. He represents are country. I have america! I hate you! I hate me! We are all cowards! the end.
But you know what austin, If they don't like it THEY DONT HAVE TO SAY IT!!
Im sorry austin, but on the issue of america i have no respect for you. Austin, all that you name is BULLSHIT.
BUSH HAD THIS, BUSH HAD THAT. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, GIVE IT A FUCKING BREAK. Do you know how many fucking people have been adicted to drugs or had DUIs? I WILL TELL YOU THIS, PLENTY OF FUCKING PEOPLE. Who the hell gives a rats ass about pollution?! We will most likey not survive another 1000 years so why the fuck should we care? To keep the presious trees and the presious air? Get a fucking clue.
Eurpoe this, europe that. Austin, if you want to go there so bad, be my fucking guest and go!! Europe is not the "perfect little place" you seem to think it is. It has problems too!!! Why the fuck can you not get that through your thick fuckng skull? Every fucking country has fucking problems, and you fucking blow americas up to make is seam like america is fucking disgusting. WAKE UP CALL. ITS NOT.
Austin, stay the fuck out of politics. You have no FUCKING idea what the fuck you are talking about. All you ever do is ramble on and on how america is so fucking bad. LEave and join all of those hatters out there.

Oh, and if you didnt notice the 3 main religions in America is Catholic, Muslim and Jewish. All of which pray to the same fucking god. Sure, lets fuck the 280 some odd citizens of America and cater to 5 fucking people!!!
You and Othello need to buy a fuckign clue.
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