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Default Am I fat?


So, I've had this problem for a while- more like my entire life. I'll be honest, I'm not comfortable with sending this out for the internet but somehow I find I legitimately don't have any other choice at this point.

I'm 167cm, maybe 168cm tall, and 62 or 60kgs in weight. I've been trying (and failing) to lose weight for quite some time now. I'm going to be honest, I've tried throwing up but I never quite had the courage to, and I spit my food out if its something dumb like chips or a biscuit. I exercise as much as my schedule allows, and I've cried in public once because I was told by my parents that I 'couldn't go swimming' after I'd eaten too much for myself.

Random people that happen to be friends with my mother tell her that i've lost 'so much weight' and that i'm 'so skinny'. Some have the guts to scold her for not feeding me. I guess I have lost a little since last year, but it just doesn't show up on the scales- or the mirror. In comparison, I'm bigger than my friends by far. As a 14 year old, its sort of crushing when you wake up and go to school everyday and see people thinner than you- prettier than you.

My family suspect Anorexia Nervosa, but I suspect the problem is just an overweight teen trying to be less. So, tell me, am I or am I not overweight for my age and am I not considered fat? With all i've said, am I anorexic? I know its not much to work on, but its all I can give right now.
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