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Default Re: Struggling Again

Originally Posted by Abhorrence View Post
So, I'm not sure if anybody actually cares or will even read this but I'm having troubles again. Back in December I was around 12 stone 5. I'm six foot two so this isn't exactly an abnormal weight or anything. I was that weight for pretty much all of 2016; with no worries or cares about it. However, since December I have lost nearly three stone. I'm now 9 stone 12, which probably certifies as underweight for my age and height.

I've had an eating disorder before, when I was sixteen I was around eight stone and I gradually overcame it (mostly through the use of weed, I won't lie to anybody - it made me actually have an appetite). I've never gone to therapy for my weight issues, only for self harm and emotional issues. I don't really know how to deal with hating my body and wanting to still lose more weight. People have noticed my weight loss, my face has gotten thinner, my arms have gotten thinner, I've got a thigh gap again. It's bad because it's noticeable, just like it was when I was sixteen.

I'm feeling tired all the time, I feel weak, I feel just plain terrible. But I can't make myself eat anymore. It's like I've lost all taste for it, I eat one thing and then I'm full. Thinking about the fact that I had one meal yesterday makes me feel sick, I hate myself for it and that's one fucking meal. The logical side of me knows that this is ridiculous and I should just eat but then my mind is just telling me not to and I'm not sure if it's managing to trick me into physically believing it, too.

TL;DR: I've lost three stone in around four months, I can't eat anymore and it's getting bad. What do I do?
oh no my friend I am so sorry to hear all of this . I would say you should absolutely get some counseling for this, even see a counselor/psychologist/therapist who is specializes in working with those who have eating disorders.

if your losing weight at a dangerous level, you may need to seek medical treatment, just to see what they can possibly give you.

I wish I could do more for you. I am sorry you have to go through these struggles. I know so many people do. I was always for real when I told you how incredibly attractive I think you are. I really believe that. I wish you could see yourself how other people see you, but I know how complex this stuff is.

Absolutely get some counseling over this man. they would be in a better position to not only help with the psychological side of things, but they would also be great at giving you more of the medical/nutritional advice as well.

I hope you start feeling better and start getting back to a healthier weight man. I know I can't do much for you, but I am here for you in anyway I can help you my friend, even if I can only be here to give you support and encouragement. I hope you know there are people who care about you and I most certainly am one of them. I wish I could battle this for you, but I will do my best to battle it with you

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