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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE ***

Yasmine, are you sure your mom said you were cut? Did she understand the question? If you can pull the skin over the head and it stays there on it's own, covering the head, then I don't think you're circumcised (even 'loosely').

Your issues about yourself go much deeper than circumcision, your discomfort with who you are and your genitals isn't about circ. So, it's not surprising that you'de feel unhappy with the result, regardless of circumcision.

I keep saying this to you, but you're really more than your genitals, more than the external hardware. What makes you who you are comes from inside you. If you could accept that, you might be able to feel differently about the things you have no control over, and ultimately feel a little better about yourself, too.
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