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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE ***

i have a question about my penis. i don't know if i'm cut or uncut. my mom told me she had me cut i don't have that skin over the crease, but i can pull the skin over, and it will cover the head of my penis, and i'm more comfortable with it that way, but when i had an erection recently, it takes time for it to become completely flaccid, and when i have an erection, the skin i have pulled over automatically rolls back. when i'm completely flaccid, my penis is shorter than the foreskin, and the foreskin is so stretchy that my penis shrinks under it. i wish my parents never cut off the tip above the crease, because they mutilated me, and i don't want to see the tip of my penis. the tip of the penis is also very sensitive, and they made that tip for a reason. i don't even know what i am. the point is, i was mutilated against my choice.
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