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Default Re: Is this OCD? (NEED HELP!)

No one can tell you whether what your dealing with is OCD aside from a professional, and you somewhat hastily decided to cutoff meeting with someone who can genuinely help you. Sexuality is a spectrum, and it's okay not to know. It's been proven all individuals, especially women, experience some level of same sex attraction. Clearly you're someone who likes order and needs to put things in categories but people aren't crayons. There's no set answer or way to differentiate.

I recommend reconsidering the therapist. She is someone who you can talk to about what you're facing and help you cope with it in a healthy way. As someone with generalized anxiety, I wish I could see a therapist for than the every two weeks my college offers.

Also, just because you experience same-sex attraction that doesn't mean you cannot have a happy and fulfilling relationship with someone of the opposite sex. It's fully possible and plenty of people make it happen.

It's easy to get wrapped up in your own anxiety but go out and get some help with this because anxiety isn't the easiest thing to handle alone and your own confusion regarding your sexuality isn't really grounds to deprive yourself of the opportunity to work through the bigger issues in your life.

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