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Alrighty. I got a crush on someone in my French class. His name is Matt. He is fucking awesome... and he's one of my friends. I didn't realize til today I kind of got a crush on him. Here's how it happened: We had to go get our pictures taken today and he was in my group. We were all next to eachother and everything and I was like "so are you going to wait on me after I get done?" and he was like "yeah" so he was sitting there actually TRYING to make me smile, unlike everyone else and we were walking back to class together and we were like sitting there talking about Homecoming canidates for Homecoming and I was like "I so should have done that" and I rolled my eyes and he was like "I bet you'd win" and I was like "awww" then we were sitting there in French passing notes about Joshua getting stuck in the bathroom and he sprayed his cologne on me and yeah, that's beside the point. Anyways, after French he was practically following me to Learning Lab (which is like a Study Skills class everyone takes for 4th block) and he finally left. He is always nice to me and he doesn't annoy me like he does everyone else in our French class. It's awesome. I'm just too afraid to tell him I like him. If I do, I will probably not tell him face to face cuz anytime I'm around him Joshua has to be right there. Is this a smart idea?

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