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Originally Posted by carlitos View Post
I have a question Is it ok for me and a teenage girl to masterbate alongside each other and does having sex feel good?
I would say that on the surface masturbating alongside a girl does not seem bad. However, the fact remains that you and the girl are really going to get caught up in the moment, and the next thing you know you actually having sex with her. I would definitely say no to masturbating alongside a girl unless you have a condom handy and the girl is on birth control. There is no such thing as a friend with benefits as any sexual activity, even masturbation, has an emotional side to it, especially to girls. Even if you simply view masturbating as fun, the other person may not view masturbating the same way and actual develop feelings for you.

It goes without saying that sex feels good, but the fact is that sex is so much more than just good physical feelings as there is a major, major emotional part to it. If you only view sex as physical feelings, then you are having sex for all of the wrong reason and are not mature enough to be doing it.

Originally Posted by carlitos View Post
I dont know if this is an inapropriate post but Is it wrong to masterbate fantasizing about doing it with my cousin?(She has some big natural breasts!) And is it ok to masterbate alongside my female cousin?
I would say any type of sexual activity involving family members is a big no. As for fantasizing about your cousin, you are a horny teenager, and it is normal to be turned on by anything. However, you have to control your sexuality and not let it control you, and don't masturbate to your cousin as she is your flesh and blood. As for masturbating alongside your cousin, that is even worse, and don't do it because, again, she is your flesh and blood and doing anything sexual with her is unnatural and wrong. Also, you always have to keep in mind that if you two were caught you both would cause a huge family problem.
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