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Default Would this count as abuse..?

It just happened.... And i barricated my self in. Basically fighting myself not to do anything to myself at the moment so I came here. Its so stupid what all of this is over. A headset. A $300 dollar headset, but a headset non the less. Earlier this week a crack formed on a joint on my elite 800s and I stopped wearing them till I had something to reenforce them with. Well too late i they wared and it got worce... And my mother accused me of purposely braking them. This upset me because id never do anything like that, and it hurts getting acused like that. And no matter how much I explained all I got was an eye roll and told to shut up. She doesn't believe me.. She never believes me. Im always wrong. Im supposed to be quiet and never speak... Sit in the corner taking the smallest amount of space, doing nothing. I shouldn't speak even when spoken to because every time I open my mouth.. It just feels like she wants to go back in time and eather never have me or change who i am. Her franchise over heared and I guess i was getting loud (it tends to happen when im upset.. Its not an angry yell or wine its just I forgot hoe to control volume when in emotion) he gets up in my face and tells me to shut the **** up right in my face.. So im done with it and i turn around and start off to my room... He pulls me into the floor "to teach me to listen the first time" breaking the speaker compleatly off... And hese the real kick... Because my mother didn't see it brake... She's saying i snaped it off to make the situation look worce them it is... So now im here with a locked door, dresser in the way, I don't care what my doctor said about things over 10 pounds. Im just curled around the headset trying not to cry or worce. Apparently im always supposed to be at fault... Im always in the wrong... It's always me... I don't deserve expinvive gifts.. It was a gift from my aunt who passed away btw... And apparently my parents don't trust me. Apparently everything i say is a lie... Apparently I never tell the truth.

This isn't a won off thing.. Ive been thown into the wall making and hole just because I didn't stand down when i was right.

Maybe it's justified.. Second headset, plus ipod and playstion... Over $2000 of wated money.. Maybe i deserve this for wanting stupid things that brake.

Fallow the raven to find the wolf

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