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I have no 'heroes'. I just need a little invigoration to get me going. I think that movie Greenstreet Hooligans has the best quote to describe my philosophy here (may not be exact)
"Once you realize your body is not made out of glass, you never feel alive until you are pushing yourself to the limit."
I firmly believe this philosophy. Ever since I started training for the UFC and such, gotten my ass beat and some pretty serious hurt, I don't feel strong unless I feel am I pushing myself to my limit, or near there anyway!

I have no idea how that fits into your whole 'who's your hero' thing, guess my hero is just... myself...

Keep in mind, this isn't supposed to sound self centered or anything, take this in the most sincere way you can!

Sex drugs and rock and roll!! Except no drugs. Drugs suck ass.
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