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Originally Posted by cosmos
what a douche. its people like jazbo that allow terrorists to win
HA! Wow, I was waiting for that. I am not even getting into this argument, its not that I hate America, its that I'm embarrassed by it. I was just giving an opinion, and it was an impartial opinion at that, but ok, sure, why not.

And at this point it should *now* be put into the debate section.

You don't even stand and show some respect to your country?
No, I stand, but I think its empty words anyway. I don't put my hand over my chest or anything though.

You people make me come off as the bad guy, which I suppose I am to you two. But I would really not want to live anywhere else then here. This country is the best there is and do I have to be nationalistic to respect that? No. So I have to say words I don't believe in? No. Its called the 'Freedom of Speech' aka freedom to express one's thoughts, which is what makes this country so great. However as I stated, I get embarrassed when we turn out to be the asses in the joke, I get embarrassed when we kill innocent people, I get embarrassed, when our president won't even properly aid people in need! So me 'letting the terrorists win' or 'not showing respect for my own country' are terrible arguments and just cheap shots at me. Please, keep your opinions, I don't care, but what my statement was, was that I could care less what they do with the pledge, why? Because I choose to be non-partisan.

Respect can be shown in many ways, it doesn't have to forced however because somebody came up with one specific way. And thats it for me, I came back here after like 2 years to to just put in opinions and give some advice, but its just turning into another nightmare of cheap shots and insults. I hate political debates, I've come to THAT conclusion so I digress. I shall leave you two. ::sigh:: Ah well, whatchya gonna do...

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