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WHAT?! Are you kidding me Josh?!

Lets look this over shall we:

Originally Posted by listen2thebeastieboys

im sorry, but if ur gonna debate....maybe you should add some backing to your reasoning such as:

i believe that the bus drivers shouldn't leave their keys in the ignition and the bus running. this has been known to increase the chance of bus hijackings and terrorist situations.

u may also want to add (to prove your point) an actual documented case where this happened (as if it had)

i personally believe this would be a violation of local and state laws and the bus driver would get fired. if you were to read the rules and regulation of ur local city bus transit system, (i do not have the time or the will power to do so over such a weak fight) i am sure there would be something about leaving the bus and especially leaving the bus running with passengers.
i have no domb in my mind that if something like this were to happen, the bus driver would be fired and some serious regulation changes would be made by the city.
To me that is rude.
Matt countered:
Originally Posted by cosmos
ur telling us how to debate but claim you dont have the time neccessary to devout yourself to such a "weak fight"? psh just leave us alone
Just countering the other kid because we do not need to be told how to debate.

Originally Posted by listen2thebeastieboys
because youre afraid of me and know i'm right?
Now this kid is being a prick by trying to start a fight.
And further listen2beastieboys eggs matt on my trying to keep the fights going.

Nothing is matts fault Josh. Read some of the posts before you come to conclusions.
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