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Default I feel like a wierdo

I no this mite not b in the right forum, but anyway

All my friends have had weed except one or 2 i think, they wernt there. But my 2 bestest did and another one who is "with us". The one who is "with us" had some, and we went down to the beach (this was like 3 weeks ago) and they asked if i wanted some and i said no, i didnt want to for reasons outlined below.

My sister did weed, i dunno if she was addicted but she did a good bit of it
I didnt want to let Rudi down
Fear of gettin addicted to it

Then the other day my bestest friend's friend asked her to go out to the back gate cos she wanted a smoke and she didnt want to go out alone, so when she was there a girl was preparing weed and my friend took some, i was in the school btw, and she came back into class and she said wat she did wen she got back to class, nothing interesting.

so now since im the only one who didnt have any, i dont no wat it's like and i want to but i dont want to cos of the reasons above

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