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Default The Burning of Fire__[-X-]

I have the tendency of getting very physical,
So watch your step cause if I do you'll need a miracle.


‘You slut’ he hissed, bringing his head so close to her ear she could feel the intensity of his words burning her skin.

She raised her fist to fend him off but he grabbed her frail arms and crushed them beneath his vicelike grip. Taking both of her wrists in one hand he slid his hand into his pocket and pulled out two lengths of course, unforgiving, rope. He flattened her slender wrists against the bedposts and roughly bound her to the brass rods at the head of the bed. Their bed.

‘You’re mine.’ growled Andrew, his usually lifeless eyes filled with passion and malice. A hate so strong was twisting his features, he looked like the Devil Incarnate - Satan’s long lost twin.

He was like the flame of a raging fire; burning, blistering every part of Lily’s flesh he touched; his fingers and saliva scolding her skin. She felt her sweater ripped from her form, her trousers soon falling to the same fate. He leered over her. Biting her breasts so hard they bled and instantly bruised.

She felt the sinister fire smouldering her stomach, leaving great welts and angry red marks. His nails sliced her legs as he grabbed at them to stop her flailing and kicking him, her blood trickled from her thighs and she felt as though poison were seeping through body. Forcefully her legs were held apart and his head dipped into her sex, licking viciously, biting and nipping. Flaring through Lily was a sensation that felt so wrong to what she was enduring, but before she reached any sort of peak, his tongue retracted and the pestilence, that was his emit, found itself soaking further inside her body.

His mouth was soon replaced by his brusque hand, pushing her past her limits, Lily screamed in pain, he was delving within her with his hands. Those hands which had once been used to hold her hand, that had at one point of their relationship been used by holding her tenderly and now here they were, within her. Causing her to writhe and shriek in pain and horror.

She was gasping, floundering, like a drowning woman - scrabbling for something to hold her head above the surface of the water, like a child trapped in a blazing building - attempting to keep her head out of the way of smoke and ferocious flames. Over the sound of her hearts increased rate she heard the deafening noise that was Andrew’s maniacal laughter.

She heard him discarding his robe and unzipping his trousers. Desperately, Lily wormed her wrists against the ropes binding her, feeling it cut into her soft skin but with a slight glimmer of hope she also felt the knots begin to loosen; Andrew had never been very adapt at anything…always had rushed things…never planned them…his weakness.

The bed creaked as it took Andrew’s weight once again and Lily felt him throw his body against her.

The fire was smothering her, chocking her. Scorching and searing her skin, it made her thrash and tremble uncontrollably. And then it pierced her innocence, sending its inferno rushing through her weak frame, taking her purity; tainting her with its hellish fieriness.

Lily felt a hand forcing open her eyelids and found herself staring into the Devil’s face; in his eyes she saw Hell and all its minions. He let out a triumphant howl and abruptly the burning ceased to scorch her as it did before. He was leaving the bed and walking out of the room. She did not dare breathe or move.

The ominous sound of the bathroom door slamming made Lily jump, her body ached and her eyes drooped with tiredness. She could feel her arms throbbing with having to be held up in such a position, but to allow them to sag caused to much pain as it would force her sliced up wrists to rest the ropes into her wounds.

Her head fell haphazardly to the side, her hair sprawled across her face, and she lay there staring into space. Her face congealed with sweat, blood and saliva. Her lips swollen, her body pulsating with pain, a dull ache resided in her chest but beside all that, nothing compared to the stinging sensation which was cutting through her heart. She had been deflowered with such force, such intensity that she was now positioned there, blood seeping down her legs, purple blemishes taking host on her breasts.


Hmm, this is a rape seen in one of my Fanfictions...just wondered what you guys thought.

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